Our Cultural Activities

Our aim is to enable students to make use of their spare time, gain the habit of entertainment, follow and take part in activities related to fine arts, give them the opportunity to gain new fields of interest and offer them services to let their skills and personalities develop healthily.

Student clubs that comprise of students from various departments coming together began to be established after the directive of the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports regarding student clubs was published as university senate decision. Student clubs enable students to become citizens who are committed to Atatürk’s principles and the Republic and individuals who care about their physical and mental health. By these clubs, it is aimed to let students gain disciplinary study habits and to organize all kinds of activities that are related to the students. Student clubs were established and still continue to be established in accordance with this directive under the supervision of advisor academic staff and the executive committee.

With the purpose of becoming the centre for cultural and cultural activities, our university hosts various symposia, conferences and panels. Especially the Traditional Spring Festivals that take place every year in May under the organization of Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports is a motivating factor for the students.

The students who take part in various activities in order to represent our university are offered moral and material support by our Directorate.

Our university has acted sensitively on social events.

Graduation and opening ceremonies in the name of Aksaray University have been organized by our Directorate in order to create a corporate identity for our university and the academic costumes for both our students and academic staff were prepared and offered to the use of relevant parties.

Members of mass media and printed media have been informed in order to introduce our university to the public and share the news about our university with the media.